I am a designer. I thrive on the adventure of all forms of design. Things we see, use, wear, drive, and inhabit; images that influence us; all are the result of design. Not always intelligent design! Whether I'm doing a house, a table, a chandelier, a shirt, a logo, an ad, or a teaspoon, it's always: Who, Why, How, and How much? I love creating the solution, and taking that extra step where the magic happens!

Today, I'm ever more conscious of social and ecological aspects of design; the intelligent use of energy, the sustainability of materials, the conditions of production. Design decisions really do play a vital role in the care of our planet.

I believe in authenticity of design; in knowing why one approach is truthful and another false, in the marriage of function, wit, culture, and value. I love the fun of discovery and innovation in collaborating with my client. I once asked a soon-to-be-favorite client about our budget for his new penthouse. "We gotta be responsible, but it's gotta kick ass!" We were, it does, and it was fun.

I'm happy working as principal or consultant. So if you're thinking about a new project and, like me, you're a bit of a rebel, an adventuresome spirit, culturally connected, smart, witty, hip, goodlooking, and humble, you want me.